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1 Answer


1 Answer

Q: When did HTML appear for the first time?

A: I thin it was between 1991 and 1992 that is when it officially appeared. — Iana [add comment]


1 Answer

Q: Wat was de eerste film over het internet die je gezien hebt?

A: "Hackers" met Angelina Jolie....."...Their only crime was cusiosity...." Het was super.....spannend — Iana [add comment]


9 Answers

Q: What is the first webpage you can remember?

A: this was hotmail — Iana [add comment]

Q: When did you send your first e-mail?

A: in 1997 — Iana [add comment]

Q: What was the first online community you joined?

A: hotmail — Iana [add comment]

Q: When did you get your first email account?

A: 1997 — Iana [add comment]

Q: What was the first search engine you used?

A: askjeves — Iana [add comment]

Q: When did you register your first e-mail adres at www.hotmail.com?

A: I first registered in September 1997 — Iana [add comment]

Q: Hoe veel e-mail adressen heb je in verloop van tijd al verslonden?

A: Niet zoooo veel adres of 5-6.... Ik heb al jaar of 8 mijn hotmail adres...Nu gebruik ik het niet zo vaak maar toch. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Wat was je eerste provider?

A: Netscape — Iana [add comment]

Q: Can you remember your first experience of being on-line?

A: 1997, it was terrible, I was scared and I did not know what to do. They said I was online and then what?.... — Iana [add comment]


1 Answer

Q: Wat was de eerste MP3 die je hebt gedownload?

A: "Salma's Dance" van "Fron dusk till down" — Iana [add comment]


2 Answers

Q: What did your first webpage look like?

A: it is still online and it is a disaster. Simple, ugly and bad orginised. — Iana [add comment]

Q: How did you learn to make websites?

A: I do not like games, to me they have no purpose but I want to play with everything that fast can show you some effect or when you can see your creation. Thats how I started learning web design with Front Page - trial and error — Iana [add comment]


4 Answers

Q: What was the first product you purchased online?

A: a book — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is the first site where you spent money?

A: amazon — Iana [add comment]

Q: When did you download software from internet for the first time?

A: I started downloading software from Internet very late. it was in the year 2000 — Iana [add comment]

Q: Wat was je eerste website die werd afgekeurd door een opdrachtgever of docent.?

A: Het is beschikbaar op www.geo-resou... of www.geo-resou... Ik heb het mee met nog een iemand gemaakt. — Iana [add comment]


2 Answers

Q: What was the worst buzzword in the year ...?

A: web designer???!?!?!?!? — Iana [add comment]

Q: Hoe groot was de invloed van porno op het succes van het internet?

A: Het heeft wel positieve invloed maar het is toch maar een faktor. — Iana [add comment]


1 Answer

Q: When did you learn to make websites?

A: Still learning but the first one was online some time ago — Iana [add comment]


18 Answers

Q: What frustrates you most about webdesign today?

A: That everyone can just make a something and call it a webpage while actully there is sooooo much rubbish on Internet — Iana [add comment]

Q: Could you ever imagine to work with only 216 colors?

A: it is possible but it will be very boring — Iana [add comment]

Q: When did you feel nostalgic for the internet for the first time?

A: never — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is the most beautiful wallpaper you've ever seen in this universe?

A: the one you make yourself — Iana [add comment]

Q: Hoe overweeg je om een site te maken in het Nederlands of in het Engels? Hoe belangijk is om een locale internet cultuur te hebben (door sites in nls bijv.)?

A: Als het in het engels otworpen is dat heb je groetere audience. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Why Under Construction sign is not in used any more?

A: it is still used — Iana [add comment]

Q: What was your favorite backgroundcolor in the year .... ?

A: black — Iana [add comment]

Q: Do you want to talk about POP UP? how much you hate/love them?

A: very irritant — Iana [add comment]

Q: What do you think will happen if Internet suddently stops function for 48 hours?

A: It will firstly become a chaos but secondly I like a person will feel not complete because my communication with the world will be cut — Iana [add comment]

Q: Do you have space on a server (or own server) and how big it is?

A: No I still have no space on a server — Iana [add comment]

Q: What kind of e-mail account do you use and why?

A: I am using gmail because it gives me feeling of reability but I also have my hotmail because it is sentimental - it reminds me where I started. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Are you shareing information on Internet (DC+)? Where and how much are you sharing?

A: I am sharing 46G in DC+ — Iana [3 comments]

Q: Do you actually know what and where is the Silicon Valley?

A: Silicon Valley is an area that "located on the San Francisco, California, peninsula, radiates outward from Stanford University. It is contained by the San Francisco Bay on the east, the Santa Cruz Mountains on the west, and the Coast Range to the southeast. At the turn of the century, when fruit orchards predominated, the area was known as the Valley of Heart's Delight " — Iana [add comment]

Q: Does the development of Internet has a positive or negative influence on the humans relations?

A: Everything is getting more impersonal. In place of going out to chat with a friend we just stay home and chat. We are doing business, we are learning, communicating and even making love via Internet. Where is our social life gone? — Iana [add comment]

Q: Wat was de eerste Game die je online gespeelt hebt?

A: Ik heb het nog nooit gedaan. Ik vindt het niet leuk. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is your favourite browser?

A: Opera - more reliable than Google, Yahoo and Mozilla. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What do you think the development of css styles meant for web design and designers?

A: Cascading Style Sheets.....it is a present for the web designer. It saves so much time. You just create once your web site outfit and then you can attach it 1000 times. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Have you ever been in love with someone you met online?

A: I could never fall in love with somebody via the Net. Online you can tell a person everything you want to but the border with reality becomes too vague. — Iana [add comment]


16 Answers


16 Answers

Q: What was the first web editor with wysiwyg?

A: I think it was and it is still Dreamweaver although it is not always acting as WYSWYG — Iana [add comment]

Q: What was the first time you thought about visitor(user) friendly design?

A: I think it was when I was studying Marketing some 7 years ago. That was the turning point showing me that it is all about the needs and wants of the consumer. Everything needs to be friendly. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is your news source? The Internet or TV?

A: Mostly, I am watching the new on TV but if I want to learn things in details I do go on Internet — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is your favourite wallpaper?

A: it is da Vinci - very relaxing combaining all the creations of da Vinci and I love him as an artist. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is your relation to webdesign?

A: I am studying for being a webdesigner, someone who can add value to the web design as we kno it today. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is the definition of web designer and what are the requirements of becoming one?

A: It is very vague to say what a web designer is behalf that it is someone who develops web sites. The person should posess some qualities but they are unclear now-a-days. Anyway it should be someone with feeling for aesthetics and colour but also someone who doesnt underestimate the content of a web site. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What is more important - friendly user interface or original design? (assuming that if you combine them nothing new will come out)?

A: I think original design - because if people like your idea, the design they will get use to the manner of navigation. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What do you think about purchasing things online? do you have good/bad experiences?

A: It somehow gets always more expensive than you were expecting. Further, you dont get it immediately and finally the charm of shopping is gone. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What are the inspiration brons of famous web designer?

A: I think they are getting inspired by their precedesors or different art forms. — Iana [add comment]

Q: What are de landmarks and/or milestones in the history of the internet?

A: According to me this are: 1993 launching of browsers supporting graphic information; 1994 First cyber bank; 1995 Launching of Netscape; 1996 Launching of Flash; 2000 The millenium bug problem — Iana [add comment]

Q: Wat is jouw definitie van webdesign?

A: For me webdesign is the process of researching the needs and problems of the user, creating a solution, interpreting this solution in an understandable and friendly for the user manner and its maintenance and updating. — Iana [add comment]

Q: To what extent has web design changed the relation between designer and user?

A: According to me the web design has made the interaction between user and designer much bigger. Designer is not just somone who decides what is nice and makes it without caring if anyone likes it. The designer researches the interests of the user, the problem the user faces and creates a solution. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Should there be rules for a web page in order to be allowed on internet? What kind of?

A: There are almost no rules for Internet. Anyone can bue cyber space and put something on th net. There is sooo much rubbish, rules should exist but what kind of rules I do not really dear to say. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Please name some websites you like?

A: www.andyfould... www.twice2.ch www.belief.com www.neopad.net www.estevedur... www.phoenixar... and maaannnyyyy more — Iana [add comment]

Q: If you were to hire a designer to create a web site, what would you insist on? Would you hire a young designer, or someone with a long experience?

A: If I am to hire a designer I will ask for just one thing but a difficult one - balance between design and content. I will not really mind if the designer is young or experienced as long as they can deliever what I want. — Iana [add comment]

Q: Hoe afhankelijk ben je van het internet? Hoe belangrijk is het voor jezelf? Zou je een week zonder kunnen of heb je na twee dagen al afkick verschijnselen?

A: I am addicted to Internet. In the morning when I woke up the first thing I do is switch on my computer and then I wish pie or brush my teeth. I think I will feel isolated and lonely without Internet if it is not my own choice to quit it:) — Iana [add comment]

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