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Q: When did you register your first e-mail adres at www.hotmail.com?

A: Sep, 1999 — goran [add comment]


11 Answers

Q: If 'design' is actually significant in how the web gets made, ordered, used and imagined, which was the first site you saw which made you thnk 'DESIGN!', the first site that made you glad for the simple reason or suprise of its design?

A: Sandberg Institute's website made by Luna Maurer! www.sandberg.nl — goran [add comment]

Q: What was the main reason for you to get on the internet? (work/fun/expanding horizons)?

A: I mainly used it for the communication purposes! — goran [add comment]

Q: What do you think about purchasing things online? do you have good/bad experiences?

A: Well, if we are talking about purchasing new products, i would first read a bit about the company and then give away my personal info. If we are talking about buying second hand stuff, I wouldn't it at all, since i have had some really bad experience with that. As you can imagine, i paid for the product which never got delivered! — goran [add comment]

Q: If you were to hire a designer to create a web site, what would you insist on? Would you hire a young designer, or someone with a long experience?

A: Most of the award winning sites look as if they were designed for designers, not for the common internet user! Why do you try to follow new technological innovations so much, when an average online user has a dial-up connection and hasn't upgraded his/her IE in a year? — goran [add comment]

Q: Who is the Most Important Web Designer?

A: Bill Gates :o) — goran [add comment]

Q: Does the development of Internet has a positive or negative influence on the humans relations?

A: "Because I know one thing for sure: what is going to be made in these new media, the next decade, is going to change the way we communicate forever" (Max Bruinsma, 2000) — goran [add comment]

Q: What is your news source? The Internet or TV?

A: Websites of news TV channels — goran [add comment]

Q: When did you get your first email account?

A: 1999 — goran [add comment]

Q: What was the first search engine you used?

A: IXQuick — goran [add comment]

Q: What was the first product you purchased online?

A: A book — goran [add comment]

Q: What is the first site where you spent money?

A: AMAZON — goran [add comment]

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