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Q: Have you ever been in love with someone you met online? — Bas Leurs / 7 Answers

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1 Answer

A: When i first begin chatting, in 1999 i was totaly in love with "nickname" whom i do not remeber... www.tmfchat.nl — Evert [add comment]


1 Answer

A: yes I did. It felt like I was back to the age when people knew each other by endless and romantic exchanging of letters, when you wouldnt touch each other before marriage and meet only after years of exchange of information. Maybe it felt like that because we were living in different continents. We are friends now. Nevertheless, it seems to have worked for me. Since I spend more time behind my computer than somewhere else, I found a boy friend while researching radio streams on the internet. We are toghether. — claudia [add comment]


1 Answer

A: Yes... I met my wife online playing Yahoo Graffiti. We chatted for 8 months with instant messaging, webcam and on the phone, our longest conversation lasting 15 hours. Phone bills were horrendous with me being from London and her from America. After 8 months I moved over here and 10 months later we were married. We now have a lovely son who is 8 months old. Neither of us were looking for love when we first met but it turned out to be just another way of meeting someone with similar interests. I think it's a great way to meet if you meet the right person as all we had was talk for 8 months we discovered a great deal about each other before getting together physically, much more than you could expect to do meeting someone in a bar for instance. — Marcos Drake [add comment]


4 Answers

A: Yes, i am now! — Libanus [add comment]

A: Yes... The world gets a lot smaller when you ggot acces to the internet and so you meet alot of interesting people. Sometimes so interesting that you can create a surtain feeling for him or her. But then reality bites you in the ass and you realise it would not work. — Asmidin [add comment]

A: I could never fall in love with somebody via the Net. Online you can tell a person everything you want to but the border with reality becomes too vague. — Iana [add comment]

A: No. Never. — Stefan CMD [add comment]

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