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Q: What is your favourite browser? — Editor / 37 Answers

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1 Answer

A: Netscape 1.0N — merlyna lim [add comment]


3 Answers

A: Netscape 3.0, de tijd dat netscape nog ver voorop lag t.o.v. Internet Explorer — Maarten W. [add comment]

A: Netscape 1.1 — merlyna lim [add comment]

A: Netscape (until ± 2002) — Femke Snelting [add comment]


2 Answers

A: Der bevorzugte Webbrowser war und ist immer noch der MS Internet Explorer, der seit Windows 95 integriert ist. — jodigi [add comment]

A: Netscape — traceyb [add comment]


1 Answer

A: riot www.potatolan... www.desvirtua... — giselle beiguelman [add comment]


1 Answer

A: Opera opera.com/ — drx [add comment]


1 Answer

A: Safari OS X -- looks better than anything else out there. Second - Camino. And you must have this plugin -- Safari Stand -- hetima.com/sa... — jwilley [add comment]


2 Answers

A: Mozilla Firebird — merlyna lim [add comment]

A: Safari (Since system OSX Safari is Apple's default browser) — Femke Snelting [2 comments]


23 Answers

A: firefox! — audrey [1 comment]

A: As a user I don't have a favourite browser, I like to use different browsers at different times. I like change and get bored when using the same browser all the time. I do have a least favourite browser: IE. As a designer its the one that gives me the most frustrations. — Cheryl Gallaway [add comment]

A: Mozilla — Libanus [add comment]

A: Explorer 6 www.harmlog.tk/ — harm [add comment]

A: Firefox. www.mozilla.org/ — Hora [add comment]

A: Mein bevorzugter browser ist Firefox, da er klein ist und gut. www.firebird-... — Hora [add comment]

A: Opera - more reliable than Google, Yahoo and Mozilla. — Iana [add comment]

A: Safari 1.2.4 (Mac) of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (Windows) — Maarten W. [add comment]

A: Firefox. — Stefan CMD [add comment]

A: Safari — Bas Leurs [add comment]

A: Used Safari for a couple of years, but now I use Firefox for most of my time. — Yasuhisa Hasegawa [add comment]

A: Firefox, definitely. — fokky [add comment]

A: Firefox, because it has the best standards compliancy, and is available crossplatform. It's fast and usable. However I mainly use Safari because it just feels more integrated in OS X. — Maarten Handstede [add comment]

A: Firefox on PC Camino on OsX — Carl Jacobs [add comment]

A: firefox on osx www.pixelmorp... — kirsten wolf [add comment]

A: Safari and Firefox — s2art [add comment]

A: Put me down for Mozilla or Firefox. www.uark.edu/... — brescia [add comment]

A: Safari for OSX — G.H. Hovagimyan [1 comment]

A: mozilla, safari www.michelcle... — mc [add comment]

A: Mozilla Firefox — merlyna lim [add comment]

A: Safari and FoxFire are my favorites. Internet Explorer gives me headaches. www.liquidneo... — jgomula [add comment]

A: Netscape is still my favourite — Ruthie B [1 comment]

A: Mozilla or Firefox www.getfirefo... — Femke Snelting [add comment]


3 Answers


2 Answers

A: Firefox is what I prefer because it brought back the BLINK tag which even Netscape stopped to support at some point — frederic [add comment]

A: From apple.com — Kim [2 comments]


1 Answer

A: mozilla — bruno [add comment]

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