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Q: What happened to the BLINK tag? — agatha / 5 Answers

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1 Answer


1 Answer

A: Ik weet het niet.... www.geuzen.org — Femke Snelting [add comment]


2 Answers

A: It got lost, as it was so very annoying! Though Microsoft may not have supported it in their (earlier) browser, they do provide the tag through FrontPage. How often did I take out the tag, when I professionalised a site that was made in FrontPage! — Lucie Zuiderwijk [add comment]

A: Already in 1996, most people were totally annoyed by Netscape's <blink> tag. Probably because it was well overused by commercial pages, in Popup ads, private sites etc ... I think because of this, Internet Explorer did not emulate this Netscape tag. Instead the <marquee> was introduced, which became a big success. Finally there could be stock tickers without any scripting! -- But was, together with Netscape, forgotten completely. Even Mozilla did not <blink>, and it was sold as *Netscape* 6. But now <blink> is coming back. Mozilla (and all its derivates) blinks, Opera blinks, even Safari blinks. Cool! Also Safari finally can show animated GIF backgrounds, which, together with blink, finally brings it to the quality standards of 1996. www.jcrdesign... — drx [1 comment]


2 Answers

A: Es ist ebenfalls ein verzichtbarer HTML-Befehl. — jodigi [add comment]

A: I think they killed it and rightly so it was tacky and annoying! — kirsten wolf [1 comment]

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