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Q: What is your relation to webdesign? — Editor / 23 Answers

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2 Answers


2 Answers

A: i have been designing websites since the very first beginning — ramrattan [add comment]

A: just interested ;-) — Jehanne [add comment]


1 Answer

A: sheer admiration for brilliantly designed web pages, and utter hatred of thoughtless, e-commerce ones with annoying pop-up windows, poorly conceived of flash features and noisy colour choices jen05-uk.blogspot.com — jen-uk [1 comment]


2 Answers

A: I've created websites on my little notepad text editor through every craze... from grey backgrounds to frames to garish under construction icons to overanimated websites people hated to the flash heavy pages that people now adore www.selfloud.net — Selfloud [add comment]

A: i have been a web designer and net artist since 1995. www.subtle.net — melinda rackham [add comment]


1 Answer

A: i made my first web pages in 1995 & have worked in the web industry since 1996, mainly as a copywriter & project manager but i started out hand-coding html. i design & build small sites & provide consultancy. www.creative-... — Helen Varley Jamieson [add comment]


1 Answer

A: I have been designing Web sites professionally since 1997, getting my first introduction when a friend, who had already been creating sites for 2 years, asked me to design a logo for a site he was working on. After this I was given a project from a friend of the other friend to design a site. I quickly taught myself HTML and the site was a hit :-) When I look at it now I think it was a really lousy design but it got me hooked and the rest is history. www.seen.to — Marcos Drake [add comment]


1 Answer

A: I started web design in 1999 when I was doing my MFA in New Media, both were new at the time. I teach web design and I make websites for $. I like to think of websites as the ultimate place for artmaking, since there is little in the way of formats (although we are getting there) and so many programs can be used to create them. www.barronvon... — sue berg [add comment]


2 Answers

A: In my one-woman-company I work as a webprogrammer (ColdFusion, ASP and preferably PHP) and as a network and systemadministrator for small business and non profit organisations. I furthermore work as a junior teacher and IT coordinator at a Dutch university where I try to combine theories and practice of webprogramming. — Erna [add comment]

A: Am Anfang wollte ich auch alles möglich per Design im Web gestaltet. Zwar ist es wichtig das Webdesign einer Seite ansprechend zu gestalten. Allerdings sollte dies im Zusammenhang mit dem Nutzen und dem schnellen Seitenaufbau entsprechend abgestimmt sein. Was nutzt mir das perfekte Webdesign, wenn das Laden der Webseiten ewige Minuten dauert? de.geocities.... — jodigi [add comment]


2 Answers

A: i use webdesign as a tool to communicate, exchange and promote ideas on an international level [in so far as the internet is really international...]. i enjoy designing them and trying to figure out the back end... — audrey [add comment]

A: My relation to webdesign is that i operate my own website which was designed (with the help of others) to my user specification and preferences eg that it should not take longer than say 5-7 seconds to go from one page to another even on a fairly old computer and software that the lettering should be large enough, and in short enough lines, to easily read a long text on screen with poor eyesight, without fatigue, and without the need for a printout That paragraphs should be shorter than are printed paragraphs http//:www.softopia.... — john chris jones [add comment]


2 Answers

A: I am studying multimedia as a career path, which stemmed from an interest in web design as a high school student. Presently, I do it as a hobby, but I hope to some day be doing it as a hobby that also pays fairly well. The URL given is a colloborative project between myself and a friend. It is sure to be changing in the not too distant future... www.ymstudios... — IxnayOnTheTimmay [add comment]

A: After seeing where the website design has led to (one big animating yellow pages), I decided to swear off webdesign and never to design an webpage again. Didn't stick to it, btw. — Dirk [add comment]


3 Answers

A: I teach a beginning course to "computers in the visual arts" to University Students -- primarily art students. One aspect of the couse is design and production of a simple web site — rosemary [add comment]

A: I'm a webdirector www.fairnatur... — Angelina den Held [add comment]

A: I am what I'd call a hobbyist, but I teach it, web design, and I use my own site as a online advert for my teaching and workshops stunik.com/ab... — s2art [add comment]


6 Answers


6 Answers

A: Frames are generally not compatible with accessibilty criteria and should be avoided where possible. If you are interested in making your site accessible for people with disabilities then please visit the link below. www.lasa.org.... — Simon Worthington [add comment]

A: newbe and still learning creating and making a lot of mistakes — Krio[rk] [add comment]

A: Webdesign gives sense on using the input instruments of my computer. If I wasn't for webdesign I wouldn't need them on internet, we would be like zombies I gess... :) www.airfiasco... — xixi azul [add comment]

A: E-Bizz Strategist www.cdmatics.com — Jonne van der Drift [add comment]

A: I am studying for being a webdesigner, someone who can add value to the web design as we kno it today. — Iana [add comment]

A: Ik ben kunstenaar en gebruik het internet om mijn werk te tonen. www.moniquefi... — Monique Fisscher [add comment]

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