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Q: What is the first site where you spent money? — Editor / 19 Answers

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1 Answer

A: I spent money on francenet.fr where I hosted my own site here's the last version of it, archived by myself pleine-peau.c... — frederic [add comment]


2 Answers

A: jungle.com., think I bought a CD. — cas [add comment]

A: www.networkso... www.paulohart... — paulohartmann [add comment]


1 Answer

A: Amazon www.amazon.com — Xaphire [add comment]


2 Answers

A: Amazon — Inbal Rief [add comment]

A: Amazon.com — ben [add comment]


4 Answers

A: Pets.com. I still have the email receipt, May5th, 2000. I bought 4 big bags of bedding material for my pet rat, Lenny. $38, plus $11 shipping. I'd never pay shipping now. This was quickly followed by several techy purchases from Outpost.com and Other World Computing, and an online political contribution to Ralph Nader's 2000 campaign. — Corbin Supak [add comment]

A: For my own site: www.soy.de, i paid a monthly fee for the web-server. www.soy.de — sim [add comment]

A: www.cds.nl — O. van der Zee [add comment]

A: amazon — Iana [add comment]


2 Answers

A: amazon — john chris jones [add comment]

A: That was bol.com. I chose this site because they don't require you to pay by credit card. — Richard CMD [add comment]


3 Answers

A: estore.com.tr to buy a digital camera [nikon coolpix 3100] www.estore.co... — gokcen [add comment]

A: www.radiojxl.com, where i bought a special edition cd. — Evert [add comment]

A: Amazon — Manu Tau [add comment]


3 Answers

A: AMAZON — goran [add comment]

A: Never, really. I was tempted to buy some T-shirts some time ago, but I don't have a creditcard. — Stefan CMD [add comment]

A: I have never spent money on the internet. I did order some books on the website of my local bookstore, but I still went to the shop to pick up the books and paid with cash. — Bas Leurs [1 comment]


1 Answer


1 Answer

A: The first site where I spent money was www.ferniefat... to pay for a mountain bike tour. — Bill Smith [1 comment]

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