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Q: What was the key design technology of the year ...? — Editor / 2 Answers

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1 Answer

A: CSS. At last you could design your website without having to touch the HTML. For an amazing example, take a look at csszengarden.com, which consists of just one HTML file, and hundreds of breathtakingly beautiful stylesheets. Each time you click on another link, you have to remind yourself that you are looking at exactly the same webpage. For CSS: www.w3.org/TR... www.csszengar... — Steven Pemberton [add comment]


1 Answer

A: Ich denke, dass Tauschbörsen eine wichtig Schlüsseltechnolgie sind. Schon alleine was mit Ihnen alles möglich ist, obwohl ich selber nie Tauschbörsen nutze. — jodigi [add comment]

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