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Q: If you were to hire a designer to create a web site, what would you insist on? Would you hire a young designer, or someone with a long experience? — goran / 4 Answers

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1 Answer

A: I'd hire myself :P I've been designing Web sites professionally since 1997 so I guess I'd hope people choose experience ;) — Marcos Drake [1 comment]


2 Answers

A: i would hire someone with a long experience. this person would know the do's and dont's in webdesign.. — Sammy L. [add comment]

A: Most of the award winning sites look as if they were designed for designers, not for the common internet user! Why do you try to follow new technological innovations so much, when an average online user has a dial-up connection and hasn't upgraded his/her IE in a year? — goran [add comment]


1 Answer


1 Answer

A: If I am to hire a designer I will ask for just one thing but a difficult one - balance between design and content. I will not really mind if the designer is young or experienced as long as they can deliever what I want. — Iana [add comment]

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