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Q: What is your news source? The Internet or TV? — goran / 6 Answers

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1 Answer

A: When I came to work in Holland in the fall of 1996, I remember my "aha" experience of realizing that I could read the New York Times online just as easily from my desk overlooking sheep grazing in a field of a rural Dutch village as from anywhere else in the world. As I couldn't at that time speak or understand any Dutch, the net was extremely important; following the Yankees playing in the baseball World Series became important to a degree hitherto (and since) unknown to me. www.nytimes.com — Michael Murtaugh [add comment]


4 Answers

A: My main source: TV on nr. 1 and radio at nr. 2 — Asmidin [add comment]

A: Newspapers, magazines, television, TV. Only with 'breaking news', the internet is mij main source of information. — Bas Leurs [add comment]

A: Just about anything really. TV is mostly slower than internet, so I usually go for the internet as my main source. Still, I always wacht the evening news because it's part of my routine. — Stefan CMD [add comment]

A: Websites of news TV channels — goran [add comment]


1 Answer


1 Answer

A: Mostly, I am watching the new on TV but if I want to learn things in details I do go on Internet — Iana [add comment]

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