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Q: When did you build your first website? — Xaphire / 6 Answers

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3 Answers

A: My first website was on GeoCities and it was called "The Macintosh Collection", if you Google it, it still apperas in lots of places (I got lots of visits from a "5 Star Award" I created --I was 16 years old--, many websites still show the award proudly). It was also the first time the name "imagemaker studios" appered signing a website. That eventually turned into a 20 employee company working for the largest companies in Chile. www.leoprieto... — leo prieto [add comment]

A: it was for the community arts information service i was working for (Artslink) & i think it was just a single page, all completely hand-coded. this service had a rather sad end soon after, because we realised that the best way to deliver the information was via a web site but we were unable to convince our funders that there would soon be a time when almost everyone (in our city) would have access to the internet ... 8 years later a similar initiative was started, got funding & is thriving (www.tbi.co.nz). — Helen Varley Jamieson [add comment]

A: For my very first webpage I used the horrible code "blink".Remember that code? Actually that's the first usability issue I had to cope with as well ;) www.grannypro... — Deike Schulz [1 comment]


2 Answers

A: Using (I think) Netscape's html editor, a text editor to read the code and a lot of trial and error. I'm not 100% sure but I think these are the colors I used. — liz [add comment]

A: 1997. And it sucked... but I still got paid for it :-D — Marcos Drake [add comment]


1 Answer

A: 2001 — john chris jones [add comment]

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