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Q: Could you ever imagine to work with only 216 colors? — retro_216 / 5 Answers

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1 Answer

A: Yeah sure, I did when I started with HTML and webdesign. I liked it, and I still like it. — Bas Leurs [add comment]


1 Answer

A: I did for my first site, (actually on a remake after seeing how bad it looked with 216 colors), and I hated it! — Marcos Drake [add comment]


1 Answer

A: for sure, i hardly ever use more than say 50 colours — Dirk [add comment]


2 Answers

A: It's possible, but not wise. Most computer screens are so advanced nowadays that no users have a screen that only supports 216 colors. My designs use the full spectrum of the web colors, along with various colors from the web-safe palette. www.hellommx.com — John Nicely [add comment]

A: it is possible but it will be very boring — Iana [add comment]

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