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Q: What do you know about "websafe" colors, and when were they interesting to work with? — retro_216 / 3 Answers

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1 Answer

A: Websafe is one thing, another is color-blind-safe! For example people with red-green-blindness cannot distinguish red text from black text on white or light grey background. So if you as a designer decide to remove the underlines from your links and make them red, around 7% of the male population will not be able to see them. Try the URL below to filter you pages and simulate such color viewing deficits. www.vischeck.... — drx [add comment]


1 Answer

A: In the beginning the only way to make your website look properly you had to use websafe colors. I think it was challenging to use websafe colors, as there are more limitations you have to deal with. And the more limitations you have the more you have to think your design thoroughly. — Bas Leurs [add comment]


1 Answer


1 Answer

A: websafe colors should be used if a site should lock good even on 216 (?) Colors. I think the named ones are websafe. I used them on my website for the touch. www.soy.de — sim [add comment]

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