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Q: What is the first webpage you can remember? — Editor / 12 Answers

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1 Answer


1 Answer

A: www.cern.ch - a little list of 40-something links. Much smaller than gopher, and it looked more fun than useful. Certainly nothing like Gopher. — Simon Heilesen [add comment]


2 Answers

A: Homepage DDS www.digitalsp... — DaVrolik [add comment]

A: Wellington City Council www.wellingto... — Helen Varley Jamieson [add comment]


4 Answers

A: lanic.utexas.... I was a Latin American Studies major who didn't even know how to email up to that point. Someone put me on a lynx browser and I surfed using that for a long time. Then I saw these dudes in the computer lab with all these graphics and stuff up on their screens. They were using this thing called Netscape. . . — Kris Fortney [add comment]

A: The MIT homepage. web.mit.edu — Michael Murtaugh [add comment]

A: The homepage of my Internet Service Provider, which I visited the first time I was online. www.bart.nl — Bas Leurs [add comment]

A: Must have been Yahoo. web.archive.o... — fokky [add comment]


1 Answer

A: sadly, hotmail. i was travelling, it was genius [i didn't receive spam yet]. — audrey [add comment]


2 Answers

A: The first site I ever visited was cnn.com on Netscape Navigator. — Libanus [add comment]

A: this was hotmail — Iana [add comment]


2 Answers

A: This would be my Hotmail account, I cannot remember us having an internet connection at home so the first thing I did when I had access to the internet was to create an email account to become a true member of the web... — Kim [add comment]

A: Es war die Webseite www.netscape.de bzw. das heutige Open Directory Project. www.dmoz.de — jodigi [add comment]

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