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Q: Have you ever used wap, imode or utms services? — Maarten W. / 5 Answers

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1 Answer


1 Answer

A: Used WHAT?!?!?!? I gues not.... — Krio[rk] [add comment]


1 Answer

A: yes, i use gprs in combination with my smartphone. it's relatively cheap, and i can use my hotmail and newspages in the most remote places. even msn is possible. i like the idea of getting the latest news, while you are waiting in the bus or sitting at the toilet :-) if the speed gets faster in the future, it would be great! — Sammy L. [add comment]


3 Answers

A: I use wap occasionally to burn off some excess free minutes. Otherwise, it's as slow as dunn and my phone usually craps out because "the page is too big". Sheesh. — Stefan CMD [add comment]

A: I Use gprs to sync my agenda with server at work, wap to search wikipedia and gprs to check email with phone. Speed is still terribly slow — DaVrolik [add comment]

A: Yeah, i use GPRS to send pictures from my mobile to my webpage. www.mmstoday.nl — Evert [add comment]

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