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Editor's Questions (24)

QuestionSubmitted ByAnswers
What is your relation to webdesign?4 Oct 2004Editor23
When did google.com launch?14 Sep 2004Editor3
Should you use frames?14 Sep 2004Editor30
What was the worst technology in the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor2
What was the worst buzzword in the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor9
What is or was the worst website?14 Sep 2004Editor5
What is or was the Most Important Web Design Company?14 Sep 2004Editor5
Who is the Most Important Web Designer?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What was the key design technology of the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor2
What was the best website in ...?14 Sep 2004Editor11
How did you learn to make websites?14 Sep 2004Editor56
When did you learn to make websites?14 Sep 2004Editor11
What is the first webpage you can remember?14 Sep 2004Editor12
What did your first website look like?14 Sep 2004Editor9
When did HTML appear for the first time?14 Sep 2004Editor3
Which browsers where first launched?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What is your favourite browser?14 Sep 2004Editor37
When did you buy your first domain name?14 Sep 2004Editor27
Can you remember your first experience of being on-line?14 Sep 2004Editor26
When did you send your first e-mail?14 Sep 2004Editor7
When did you first use a database?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What is the first site where you spent money?14 Sep 2004Editor19
What did your first webpage look like?14 Sep 2004Editor7
What was the first web editor with wysiwyg?14 Sep 2004Editor5

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