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What will the future of webdesign be/look like?22 Mar 2005nik0
Hoe heb je de eerste problemen met juiste plaatsing in de verschillende browsers aangepakt?27 Jan 2005ramrattan0
Is web design art?24 Jan 2005Krio[rk]1
Will virtual colonisation via the world wide web will be more effective in reducing the number of different languages than actual colonisation was? Or are more 'languages' now possible? This is not really a question, more some thoughts about how our 'visi?20 Jan 2005Sonja van Kerkhoff0
Dear all, I am a musician/composer and this is an open call for little stories/anecdotes about your experience with the phenomena of silence and noise, environmental sounds, sounds in nature, sounds of the city... etc. please send your story to lichtc?20 Jan 2005lichtensteiger0
What does userfriendliness mean?19 Jan 2005Erna1
Are there any local webdesign cultures or regional differences in webdesign?18 Jan 2005Josephine Bosma1
Qu'est-ce qui vous décide à participer à wikipedia?17 Jan 2005nicolasm1
What do you think about Internet Explorer 'restricting active content', blocking webpage-embedded applications like javascript, etc, etc..?16 Jan 2005Sammy L.1
Do you feel the internet is becoming the "new tv"? as you end up spending time viewing things you never meant to?12 Jan 2005tsila2
Where did you first use a computer with an internet connection?12 Jan 2005Dirk2
What frustrates you most about webdesign today?12 Jan 2005Cheryl Gallaway3
What do you think in the computer is real?12 Jan 2005sasson4
Should there be rules for a web page in order to be allowed on internet? What kind of?10 Jan 2005Iana2
Hoe afhankelijk ben je van het internet? Hoe belangrijk is het voor jezelf? Zou je een week zonder kunnen of heb je na twee dagen al afkick verschijnselen?10 Jan 2005Asmidin2
What is the definition of web designer and what are the requirements of becoming one?10 Jan 2005Iana1
Please name some websites you like?10 Jan 2005john chris jones6
What was the first time you (the webdesigner) got involved in a discussion with a programmer about design versus technical issues?5 Jan 2005Deike Schulz1
What was the first time you thought about visitor(user) friendly design?5 Jan 2005Deike Schulz5
Do you separate design from content i.e. using CSS for your table free layout?31 Dec 2004Marcos Drake3
What do you think about purchasing things online? do you have good/bad experiences?20 Dec 2004Sammy L.7
What was the main reason for you to get on the internet? (work/fun/expanding horizons)?20 Dec 2004Sammy L.4
If you were to hire a designer to create a web site, what would you insist on? Would you hire a young designer, or someone with a long experience?20 Dec 2004goran4
What is your news source? The Internet or TV?13 Dec 2004goran6
When did you build your first website?9 Dec 2004Xaphire6
What's a website you regret isn't archived better?8 Dec 2004saskia3
What was your favorite backgroundcolor in the year .... ?7 Dec 2004retro_2167
Sort your favorite websites by color and time!?7 Dec 2004retro_2160
Did you have remarkable experiences with colors on www?7 Dec 2004retro_2163
Could you ever imagine to work with only 216 colors?7 Dec 2004retro_2165
What influence had the growing amount of colors on webdesign?7 Dec 2004retro_2163
Did you ever use "colornames" (eg: "red") or do you prefer hexadezimal definitions?7 Dec 2004retro_2165
What do you know about "websafe" colors, and when were they interesting to work with?7 Dec 2004retro_2163
How did web design contribute to the migration from local applications on the users' computers to web based application; e.g. webmail, web calendars, web games?7 Dec 2004drx2
How do you think aesthetics and usage of bg images changed over the time?7 Dec 2004mightym3
What stylistic movements and aesthetics in webdesign do you think had an impact on other media aesthetics like on air design (tv) and print?7 Dec 2004gMore1
What is the most beautiful wallpaper you've ever seen in this universe?7 Dec 2004mightym5
What is your favourite wallpaper?7 Dec 2004mightym2
What was your first selfmade wallpaper? (For your desktop or for your website)?7 Dec 2004mightym3
Do you think that the virtual reality is the future of human communication?6 Dec 2004Iana3
What do you think will happen if Internet suddently stops function for 48 hours?6 Dec 2004Iana4
Do you have space on a server (or own server) and how big it is?6 Dec 2004Iana6
What kind of e-mail account do you use and why?6 Dec 2004Iana3
Are you shareing information on Internet (DC+)? Where and how much are you sharing?6 Dec 2004Iana7
Do you actually know what and where is the Silicon Valley?6 Dec 2004Iana4
When did you download software from internet for the first time?6 Dec 2004Iana5
Hoe overweeg je om een site te maken in het Nederlands of in het Engels? Hoe belangijk is om een locale internet cultuur te hebben (door sites in nls bijv.)?3 Dec 2004claudia3
Have you ever used wap, imode or utms services?29 Nov 2004Maarten W.5
Does the development of Internet has a positive or negative influence on the humans relations?29 Nov 2004Iana7
What was the first product you purchased online?29 Nov 2004Maarten W.6
Hoe veel e-mail adressen heb je in verloop van tijd al verslonden?29 Nov 2004Asmidin11
Wat was de eerste Game die je online gespeelt hebt?29 Nov 2004Maarten W.8
What are de landmarks and/or milestones in the history of the internet?29 Nov 2004Bas Leurs6
What is more important - friendly user interface or original design? (assuming that if you combine them nothing new will come out)?29 Nov 2004Iana5
What are the inspiration brons of famous web designer?29 Nov 2004Iana1
Was the web design beter a decate ago? - what effect has the popularisation and the technology on the web design?29 Nov 2004Iana1
Vroeger was beter?29 Nov 2004Iana1
After you got your first dail-up connection, how did your first phone bill look like?29 Nov 2004Bas Leurs2
What do you think the development of css styles meant for web design and designers?24 Nov 2004Femke Snelting4
What was the first so-called 'shock-site'(eg. goatse.cx) that you know of?22 Nov 2004Richard CMD4
Wat was de eerste film over het internet die je gezien hebt?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs5
Wanneer had je je eerste breedband abonnement?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs6
Wat was je eerste website die werd afgekeurd door een opdrachtgever of docent.?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs4
When did you realize for the first time, that there wasn't only porn on the internet, but also art? What was the first internet art site you visited?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs8
When was the first time you used WAP?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs2
Wat was de eerste MP3 die je hebt gedownload?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs7
Wat is het eerste P2P (peer-to-peer) programma dat je hebt gebruikt?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs6
Hoe groot was de invloed van porno op het succes van het internet?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs5
Have you ever been in love with someone you met online?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs7
What was the first search engine you used?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs7
What was the best marketing campaign on the internet?22 Nov 2004Bas Leurs1
Do you want to talk about POP UP? how much you hate/love them?15 Nov 2004Fran4
What was the first website where you got lost?12 Nov 2004jaasi1
Was halten Sie vom TAG-Befehl MARQUEE?10 Nov 2004jodigi1
Was ist Ihre witzigste Webseite im Jahre .... gewesen?10 Nov 2004jodigi3
Welchen Webbrowser benutzen Sie bei Ihren ersten Internetzugang?10 Nov 2004jodigi3
Wann legten Sie Ihren ersten E-Mail-Account an?10 Nov 2004jodigi2
Wann besuchten Sie zum ersten Mal die Suchmaschine Google?10 Nov 2004jodigi3
Was war Ihr wichtigster Favorit-Link (Bookmark) im Jahre ....?10 Nov 2004jodigi1
To what extent has web design changed the relation between designer and user?7 Nov 2004Kim1
Who did you send your first email to?25 Oct 2004Dr.Future8
What happened to the BLINK tag?12 Oct 2004agatha5
Why Under Construction sign is not in used any more?10 Oct 2004agatha6
When did you feel nostalgic for the internet for the first time?8 Oct 2004nicolasm3
What did your work environment (virtual or physical) look like in the year ...?6 Oct 2004Femke Snelting1
What non-browser applications do you use on the internet?6 Oct 2004G.H. Hovagimyan7
What was the first animated GIF you've ever seen?6 Oct 2004agatha6
When did you get your first email account?5 Oct 2004jgomula17
What was the first online community you joined?5 Oct 2004jgomula10
What was the first piece of netart you remember seeing?5 Oct 2004sebastian5
What is your relation to webdesign?4 Oct 2004Editor23
What are the key aesthetic principles of Flash design?4 Oct 2004matthew fuller6
If 'design' is actually significant in how the web gets made, ordered, used and imagined, which was the first site you saw which made you thnk 'DESIGN!', the first site that made you glad for the simple reason or suprise of its design?4 Oct 2004matthew fuller8
What was the most important book on webdesign in the year ...?2 Oct 2004Femke Snelting1
What did your first modem look like?2 Oct 2004Femke Snelting8
Who is your favorite usability expert?2 Oct 2004Femke Snelting12
Hoe snel was je eerste internet (modem) verbinding?27 Sep 2004Richard CMD13
When did you have your first online chat experience?27 Sep 2004CMD2E4
When did you register your first e-mail adres at www.hotmail.com?27 Sep 2004CMD2E7
Wat was je eerste provider?27 Sep 2004ruben33
Wat is jouw definitie van webdesign?27 Sep 2004Femke Snelting4
What was the first porn site you looked at?15 Sep 2004Femke Snelting2
When did google.com launch?14 Sep 2004Editor3
Should you use frames?14 Sep 2004Editor30
What was the worst technology in the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor2
What was the worst buzzword in the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor9
What is or was the worst website?14 Sep 2004Editor5
What is or was the Most Important Web Design Company?14 Sep 2004Editor5
Who is the Most Important Web Designer?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What was the key design technology of the year ...?14 Sep 2004Editor2
What was the best website in ...?14 Sep 2004Editor11
How did you learn to make websites?14 Sep 2004Editor56
When did you learn to make websites?14 Sep 2004Editor11
What is the first webpage you can remember?14 Sep 2004Editor12
What did your first website look like?14 Sep 2004Editor9
When did HTML appear for the first time?14 Sep 2004Editor3
Which browsers where first launched?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What is your favourite browser?14 Sep 2004Editor37
When did you buy your first domain name?14 Sep 2004Editor27
Can you remember your first experience of being on-line?14 Sep 2004Editor26
When did you send your first e-mail?14 Sep 2004Editor7
When did you first use a database?14 Sep 2004Editor4
What is the first site where you spent money?14 Sep 2004Editor19
What did your first webpage look like?14 Sep 2004Editor7
What was the first web editor with wysiwyg?14 Sep 2004Editor5

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